What is BICS YOHO Hunter


BICS YOHO Hunter- A new game will be launched on February 2020 which allow players use their skill and intuition to predict the directional movement of a cryptocurrency (i.e.BTC) during a period of time.

What is BICS?
Bix Coin (BICS) token is our original ERC20 token of BitOne Trade HK in order that all the users may enjoy and enhance their trading experiences in our exchange.
Benefits of BICS holders. Further benefits will be added in one after another.

- Free trading fee: if you get or buy 1000 BICS, you're eligible for a trading fee-free period of 3 months.
- Free use of auto trading bots: if you get or buy 1500 BICS, you're eligible for a free use of Auto Trading Bots for one month.
All payouts in this game are in BICS tokens.

What is YOHO Hunter?
YOHO is pronounced in Japanese [予報(よほう)] [yohou], which also means "prediction" in this game.
In cryptocurrency trading, the most fundamental question in price is [Higher or Lower?]
Welcome, smart Hunters! Come and predict the price of BTC will become higher or lower!
The players on the winning side will share all the BICS of another side players.

How to Play?
In games of pre-defined lengths (i.e.60min), players choose whether the BTC price will go higher or go lower during the specified time period.
Prior to the start time of the game, players choose their side: HIGH (price will go up) or LOW (price will go down).
Decide how much BICS tokens you want to paid for betting.
At the designated start time of the game, the opening price is locked. At the end of the game, when the game clock reaches 00:00, the closing price is locked.
If the closing price is higher than the opening price, the players that selected HIGH win the game. If the closing price is lower than the opening price, the players that selected LOW win the game.
BICS tokens for betting from all players in each game are pooled. The players on the winning side split the payout pool on a pro rata basis.
For example, if a player's BICS for betting represents 10% of the total BICS tokens placed on the winning side, his share of the payout pool will be 10% of the total payout pool. BICS YOHO hunter Games takes a small service fee from the pool in each game.

- To avoid any BTC price manipulation during game and bring fair play rules to this game we decided to use BTC price chart from Binance exchange, all results will be based on the BTC/USDT price on Binance.
- The information and images etc. displayed herein is for reference only and BitOne Trade HK reserves the right to revise or cancel the game or rules at our sole discretion and has the final say in the case of any disputes. If we make changes, we will post the updated announcement here.


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