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XRP Giveaway! Trade and Earn 20XRP and More!

XRP Giveaway! Trade and Earn 20XRP and More!

Event period:
2018.10.15 08:00 - 2018.11.14 17:00(UTC/GMT+08:00)

Event rules and details:
XRP will be given as a gift to users who newly register or trade XRP.

How to get XRP giveaway:
 1) 5XRP for new registrations (level1 with email address or over)
 2) 20XRP for the trading volume of 100XRP in XRP/BTC or XRP/ETH.
 3) 10XRP for each trading volume of 200XRP in XRP/BTC or XRP/ETH after above 2).

When and how to give:
 XRP giveaway will be deposited to the accounts of BitOne Trade HK within 2 weeks after the campaign ends.

-BitOne Trade HK reserves the right to cancel or amend the campaign or campaign rules at our discretion.
-The campaign will end before 2018.11.14 when the amount of the giveaway XRP reaches to 100,000XRP.
-If the violations of the registered users against terms and conditions are found, the XRP giveaway to such users becomes invalid without any notice.