Happy New Year with a Pick-a-crypto to Exchange Campaign!

Happy New Year with a Pick-a-crypto to Exchange Campaign!

Hello everyone!
Thank you for trading on our Exchange and supporting BitOne Trade HK.
To thank users who joined BICS Giveaway Events, we’re celebrating New Year 2020 with a “Pick a crypto to Exchange” Campaign!

1) Start dates:
We will randomly select 50 lucky participants after the BICS Giveaway Events event is completed. I.e.2020/1/21 00:00(HKT) ~

2) Event details
This Campaign will give 50 lucky users a chance to exchange BICS to other popular crypto!
That means that if you have joined BICS Giveaway Event and you are randomly selected as one of the 50 lucky users, you will be able to exchange your BICS (up to 1200BICS) into any of popular crypto such as BTC, XRP, ETH,LTC,BEAM or Matic at the 1BICS=0.01U.S.Dollar conversion basis!
To thank our users who have been continuously supporting us throughout the years, here are a good lucky just for you!
We hope you stay with us for 2020 and beyond!

3) Release of result
The 50 selected lucky users will be notified by email on 2020/1/23(Thu)

① BICS Giveaway Events including:
StageⅠ 2019/11/28 17:00 to 2019/12/25 17:00 (Hong Kong Time)
StageⅡ 2020/1/6 17:00 to 2020/1/20 17:00 (Hong Kong Time)

② The Exchange rate from U.S.D to Crypto currency by CoinMarketCap at 2020/1/21 12:00 (HKT) will be used.

③ BitOne Trade HK reserves the right to revise or cancel the event or event rules at our sole discretion and has the final say in the case of any disputes. If we make changes, we will post the updated announcement here.

④ If you have any queries about the Event, please contact our customer service by submit INQUIRY
Form here: https://bitonetrade.hk/eng/inquiry-for-trading/


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